Very first Mid Life Celebration blog post was six years ago

Walt Disney car stickers
Walking through the Disney University parking lot.


The first Midlife Celebration posts were six years ago – November 2008.

Who cares right?

Like most bloggers when it started it was supposed to be every day… you know the standard, “Come back tomorrow for more stuff.”

Never happened.

Not for the rest of that month nor for December.

So guess what the New Year’s resolution was? That’s right, blog every day.

Never happened. Not in January, not in February, not in March.

And like an idiot, promised it was all going to be different starting April Fools’ Day 2009.

Of course it was.

But something strange happened. The first day was easy because it was the first day of the new promise.

But then it was five more posts the next day and five more posts the day after that. Heck, even made it seven days in a row – 35 posts.

And then the craziest darn thing you could ever imagine. Wrote five daily posts every day the second week, the third week, fourth fifth sixth seventh, etc.

Miraculously, five different blogs every day for all 100 days.

Something transformational happened in those 100 days and the thought of stopping on the 101st day seems weirdly unthinkable.

April Fools’ Day 2009 was 2048 days ago.


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