The Disney Look is part of a positive corporate attitude

Disney Culture Speakers
From a mid-1980’s Disney Look Book.


Disney Culture Speakers
Zooming in a bit.


We have a business strategy at Disney in our Theme Park and Resort Properties that calls for the deliberate separation of Onstage and Backstage.

You can literally find anything on the Internet and i found this ABC News video segment for our Magic Kingdom wardrobe facility.

The goal is to preserve the Magical Guest Experience (one of our original Seven Guest Service Guidelines) by hiding all the reality of what has to happen to get the work done.

My Disney Institute colleague Mary Flynn coined a phrase that i love and others have modified:

It’s not the Magic that makes it work, it’s the work that makes it Magic.


PS. There are also You Tube videos like this one that remain public even though their creation would be considered a security breach now.

PSS. The Costume facility in the ABC News piece is located at West Clock (what we call it). When i worked at the Jungle Cruise in 1982, wardrobe was located in the Tunnel, below Pinocchio Village Haus.


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