Playing it safe is risky

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Most risks are out of necessity – we often forget this business reality – competition is fierce.


Taking risks is risky, so is playing it safe.

Here’s the analogy…

A person wants to significantly improve their health.

They visit several local gyms and personal trainer choices and make a decision on which will help them loose weight the fastest.

Their flawed goal is weight loss.

Wait, what?


Decades ago, i thought weight loss was the goal.

Now i’m convinced it’s not.

Permanent weight loss (like all wellness topics) is the result of deeper issues, the first of which is time management and prioritization. The absence of these left me lacking self-confidence and relying on excuses to feel better about my chronic personal neglect.

Until those issues are addressed and overcome, the weight will come back soon enough because the root causes, the foundational thinking and doing, were never modified to support a lifetime of healthy living.

You see, the path to weight loss isn’t in focusing on it.

The path to weight loss is simple:

  • Cardio-based regular exercise
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Adequate rest
  • Clear, concise, compelling wellness goal

Once this baseline is in place, add:

  • Strength training (anaerobic-based)
  • Flexibility
  • Core

Seven fundamentals.

That will bring about and sustain a healthy body weight.

A healthy body weight facilitates dramatically improved health metrics like BMI, blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol, triglycerides, range of motion, increased strength – all of which dramatically impact our mental, spiritual, work and home life.




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