Leadership vision challenges

U Turn stoplight
First time seeing a light like this one. Heading West on Buena Vista Drive last night. We used this at the Casting Center.

Recall a time when your lofty vision became a reality. What allowed that to happen?

Recall a time when you were part of a team that pursued and completed someone else’s lofty vision. What allowed that to happen?

What are the similarities between your vision and someone else’s vision?

Recall a time when you had a vision that never materialized. What held you back?

Recall a time when you were on a team that was pursuing someone else’s vision and it never materialized. What held it back?

Now, think about your current vision. What’s to gain? What’s to lose?

What and how can you replicate what worked for you before? What and how can you replicate what worked as part of someone else’s vision? And how do you avoid the common traps.

Back to your vision and the power it holds…

Why is recalling and saying your vision, by others, a challenge? What if it wasn’t?

Do you believe there are scalable success factors that you can use to architect the desired future state?

Why or why not?

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