Better to be an inspired mistake?

Walt Disney World welcome entrance
No place like home. At a red light reflecting on how often i drive past here each week.


Better to be an inspired mistake or better to be perfect?

Taking risks is risky. So is playing it safe.

On a drive home from Orlando Airport, i stopped at a red light at one of our hometown’s biggest intersections.

In a random moment, a relatively deep thought, triggered by the Walt Disney World sign and Hurricane Matthew, revealed an insight.

Insight: Underneath the surface in a post like this is the hidden intentionality that allows a person to follow their dreams – by subconsciously reminding them to plant those ideas in fertile soil.

The reason i frequently drive by this sign is that in 1984, my wife and i packed up everything we owned and relocated from Washington State to take a calculated risk that we could carve out a life at Walt Disney World.

Excuses were abundant then. They remain plentiful now.

Excuses were not allowed then. They are also not allowed now.



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