A list of transformational 72 hour challenges

Harambe Market at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Yesterday’s Disney Leadership book writing location, Harambe Market at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Personal growth and surrender are inseparable.

Having short-term intentional challenges mitigates the temptation to compete against luck.

Here are some of the ridiculously small steps (72-hour challenges) i’ve taken that have been transformational:


  1. Stop texting and reading emails while driving
  2. Write five daily, differently-themed blog posts
  3. Stop drinking alcohol
  4. Stop speaking up in meetings (advice from boss)
  5. Drive the speed limit
  6. Make 10 minutes early my “on-time” standard
  7. Jog 100 meters each morning
  8. Place every postage stamp upside down
  9. Tell my colleague’s bosses complimentary examples about them (and never tell my colleagues i did it)
  10. Keep my leader (while i was at Disney Institute) informed so they never have to ask
  11. Volunteer at Church
  12. Buy a glass jar and fill it with 936 beads, place it on my desk before our Son is born
  13. Take one bead out of the jar every Friday until our Son turns 18 (18 years x 52 weekends/year = 936 weekends (beads)
  14. Handpick flowers and personally deliver them to my Wife
  15. Start going to the gym
  16. Schedule annual health checkups in January
  17. Weigh myself (twice) in the morning
  18. Floss my teeth before bedtime
  19. Read at least an hour a day
  20. Write at least two hours a day
  21. Make plans to retire at 55
  22. Create a “plan b” before the next potential economic crisis
  23. Stop drinking coffee and diet coke
  24. Begin each day on my knees


All of the above were small steps that began one day and continued for a few more days. Now, it’s the new normal.




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