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Time For A Change
Time For A Change

What do you do?, the person you just met asks.

And you say (fill in the blank) _______.

A variety of reasons should prompt us to rethink the traditional 30-second elevator speech and our tag line(s).

Is this a work in progress for you as well? Care to share yours?

Here is the short list:

I’m the Blog Whisperer, whispering to the world, “Live, before you die.”

I’m the Blog Whisperer, whispering to you, “Live, before you die”.

Changing the world with a single whisper, “Live, before you die”.

Changing the world, one whisper at a time, “Live, before you die”.

Changing the world, one whisper at a time.

Transforming lives, one whisper at a time.

I wake up, write five different blogs, whispering to the world, “Live, before you die”.

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It's All We Have

Mid Life Crisis Choices?

Mid Life Crisis Choices?

Yes.  There are choices all day, every day.  Like yesterday, when I posted about the person making snide remarks.  My patience was quickly evaporating by the lack of what I would call “personal respect”.

There was a mid life crisis moment of choice – take the high road or take the low road.

So all I can hope to do is make good mid life crisis choices when I’m faced with the high road or the low road.  Always take the high road.  It’s uphill and more work. But the view is spectacular.

It's All We Have

Mid Life Showoff?

Mid life show off?  Depends.  It’s all in the eye of the beholder isn’t it?  Recently, I heard someone make a few snide remarks about me – “What a showoff.  No shirt.  Trying to impress people”.

“Dude, are you talkin’ to me”?, I asked impatiently.

“I guess I am”, the person said, also sounding impatient.

“I’m sorry, I’m not trying to show off.  Went for a run earlier this morning”.

He then says, “Why not wear (baggy) gym shorts”?

To which I respond, “I’m a sprinter, and sprinters never wear baggy shorts.  Ever watch swimmers”?

He quickly says, “Yes, with the skin tight pants”.  “Exactly”, I say.

What was interesting was this:

  1. The person made judgements strictly from my appearance
  2. I never lost my patience
  3. With both walked away feeling better about both of us

Amazing what a little patience, creativity and self-control can do to get better results – skills instilled in me for the past 25 years.  Hope it didn’t look like I was showing off.

It's All We Have

Health Is Wealth

“Wealth can’t buy health, but health can buy wealth”.Henry David Thoreau

Interesting.  Why?  Because Thoreau died in 1862, at 44.  Little did he know that all these years later, money can buy health, to a certain extent.  But that’s not the reason this Thoreau quote is important.

It’s important because, in my opinion, health can buy wealth.  My wife’s Grammy, who lived to be 93, would always say, “Health is wealth”.

Grammy died in my arms in 1989.  We had traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania to visit Family and I was attending our best man’s wedding.

Grammy, in her wisdom, knew firsthand that as we age, we are at the mercy of our bodies.  Our body – the greatest machine ever devised.  Don’t forget to rotate your tires and change the oil at regular intervals.

It's All We Have

Mid Life is All About You

Mid-Life is all about you.

And if you believe this, then LiveStrong

You are old enough now, in my opinion, to make up your mind. And, even if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

How about this – ChooseStrong?

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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