The one real goal Baby Boomers should aim for

Love Bob Costas’ shirt and tie combo for the final night of Olympic Track & Field this Summer. Looks like I can go back to matching up colors myself, without Cheryl’s input…

Bob Costas wardrobe

The one real goal Baby Boomers should aim for? To simply try our best in life and enjoy doing it.

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  1. Jeff,

    And any goal less than that is low-balling yourself. Amazingly, you never hear anyone say out loud, “I want to be mediocre in life and view life as a drudgery.” Yet, in reality, that is what many do.

    I used to say, “I can’t be that way – I am a type-A personality” or “I can’t be that way – it is my Christian work ethic I was brought up in” or something to explain why I don’t settle for giving my best in life. But the bottom line is simple – every day, it is still a choice, not something out of my control. I can either choose to do my best or choose to just do the bare minimum. And I know it is a choice, because sometimes I fail.


  2. Bob, your honesty sets you free. Be amazing. Find your passion in places where it’s waiting for you to notice.

    Often, the most beautiful things in a forest are not the trees themselves, but the small, inconsequential things on the ground.

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