Top 10 List – Money

1.  Do you spend less than you earn?

2.  What is your net worth (assets minus liabilities)?

3.  Do you have a CPA and Attorney?

4.  Do you have a will?

5.  Is your image tied to your possessions?

6.  How much do you donate to charity?

7.  Do you have a passive income source(s)?

8.  How are your investments and assets diversified?

9.  What size is your rainy day fund?

10.  What’s your retirement date, and plan afterwards?

What is our Spirit?

What is our spirit, and is it different from our mind and our body?  And, if it is different, how and why?

You can be a genius and have a poor attitude, or spirit.  You can be a relatively uneducated person and have a great attitude, or spirit.

You can be an Olympic athlete and have a poor attitude, or spirit.  You can have a crippled body and have a great attitude, or spirit.

Webster’s dictionary defines spirit in this way:

“2.  the thinking, motivating, feeling part of man, often as distinguished from the body;  mind;  intelligence”   6.  frame of mind;  disposition;  mood;  temper”   7.  vivacity, courage, vigor, enthusiasm, etc”   8.  “enthusiasm and loyalty”    10.  “a pervading animating principle, essential or characteristic quality, or prevailing tendency or attitude”   11.  “a divine animating influence or inspiration”

I believe the spirit is seperate from the mind (brain).  You can believe whatever you want.  It all depends on your attitude and tendancies.

Top 10 List – Spirit

1.  What is Love?

2.  What is more important than Love?

3.  What is Hate?

4.  What is worse than Hate?

5.  Does the mind or body influence Love?

6.  If your dearest loved one was diagnosed with a severe medical condition, what would you do?

7.  How do you count your blessings?

8.  Whom do you thank for your blessings?

9.  Do you pray?

10.  What’s at the very center of your spiritual beliefs?

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