Do you ever have “Saturday reflections”?

Reflecting on a seemingly insignificant event from last night.

Yesterday, my son and I went to Twistee Treat, a local soft-serve ice cream shop, like we always do every Friday afternoon, on our way home from his school.

“Three fifty-nine!”, Laurena says, as she hands us our “usual”. We go so often, that we no longer have to place our order, and it always costs $3.59.

“Thank you”, we say in unison. Off to the pharmacy drive-through, to drop off my prescription.

We pull up and the pharmacist says, “Where’s my ice-cream?”

He was smiling, joking and having fun with us. I apologized, saying, “It wasn’t fair for us to be enjoying ice-cream in front of you like this.” It was a hot, but breezy, Florida afternoon – perfect ice-cream weather.

He takes my script, says it’ll be ready tomorrow morning, and we pull away in our air-conditioned car.

About five seconds later, I ask my son, “Should we get him an ice cream?” “Sure!”, my son replies.

We drive one block, back to the Twistee Treat drive-thru to get his treat. Moments later, we’re back at the pharmacist’s drive-thru. He opens the tray, I place his goodie bag in it and he starts saying, “No, I can’t. No. I really can’t.”

We ignore his comments, smile and inch away, saying, “Just enjoy it. Please, just enjoy it. See you tomorrow.”

Actions speak louder than words. I hope this seemingly insignificant jesture to make another fellow human being happy, made a positive impression on my son.

I invested $2.14 in my son’s education.

At today’s prices, I’ll take that as money well spent.

Enjoy whatever you typically enjoy on a Saturday. Carpe diem, 🙂

By jeff noel

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