Happy Father’s Day 2019

Biking Glacier and a Bear from jeff noel on Vimeo. Happy Father’s Day 2019. To be a dad is the greatest blessing.  They say being a grand parent is even better.  Not sure how that will play out for us.  We’ve been exceptionally focused on parenting, because we didn’t become parents until our 40’s.  • […]

Humble start, humble finish

Humble start, humble finish. The sunrise yesterday was wonderfully simple. No fiery reds nor deep oranges. Soft pinks, whites and grays.  Sunrise is at 5:30am here.  To be awake, alert, and 100 steps from the Lodge’s dock…how can that not be spectacular? Dinner cost $7.00 and took one minute to boil two cups of water […]

We salute you

Yesterday was Flag Day.  Things only become a big deal to you if you make them a big deal.  As a parent, i get to make choices. Some easy, some hard, and some that may not pay off for a long time, if ever.  All i can sense is that my approach to parenting is […]