90 Days Ahead

Wait, Isn’t Doing It Wrong How Breakthroughs Happen?

who posts photos of their Pet's feet?

Here’s what I think about blogging:

  • Study what the “experts” say
  • Be clear about what’s meaningful to you
  • Know why you want to blog
  • Follow your heart
  • Listen to critics
  • Don’t stop following your heart

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90 Days Ahead

Everyone Says You’re Doing It Wrong

There's electricity in the air is such an understatement.

This blogging experiment I’m currently conducting (90-days ahead), plus all the mistakes I’ve made, and a few successes – it all has me very excited about blogging.

I don’t need to be excited to blog everyday. You get that right? (if you’re new here, I blog, a lot…)

So, to hear myself say I’m even more excited, well, that’s saying something! Hope you’re having (or just did or are about to) a similarly amazing burst of passion and commitment.

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PS. If you’re new here, it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, “Welcome!” 🙂