Mid Life Crisis?

It's An Unusual (Good) Morning
It's An Unusual (Good) Morning

Good Thursday morning everyone. Sitting here in the office with a neighbor friend who’s interested in social media. We’ve been talking for an hour now, and it’s very different for me to begin the daily writing process with “an audience”.

You may be asking, “So?”

So, all this means is that it feels really good to find a unique way to illustrate the whole concept of waking up and writing five blogs each morning. I mean, there’s a Pastor here validating this. It’s simply an unexpected opportunity to illustrate the way this blog is different from the other 80-million blogs.

Nothing phony here. Real life in real time.

As you think about your challenges at whatever life-stage you’re in, do you like your level of motivation, or do you feel like giving up? It’s your choice. Always has been, always will be.