Three choices in every situation

Magic Band accessories
Wish there was a magic band or magic wand, but ultimately the CEO has to deal with this.


We make ourselves a victim when we complain.

Three choices in every situation:

  1. leave
  2. change
  3. accept

Anything else is childish.

Have been observing for years a public figure who has slowly poisoned their attitude beyond anything that is acceptable.

Time to walk away.

Guilt-free 180.

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When we focus on the hassles in our life, this one thing plummets out of control

Store front named Lofty Ambitions in Hamilton, ON
What kills our lofty ambitions?


When we focus on the hassles in our life, our self awareness plummets. And our attitude is poisoned. By midlife, we should see this coming each morning.

And each morning, as a person of wisdom and experience, we should prepare to battle the temptations to live with this toxicity. And not do it.

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