To ship or not to ship

Florida caladiums in Spring
Our caladiums began popping through the surface a couple weeks ago. For us, this is the official Spring announcement.


To ship or not to ship.

What does this mean?

Shipping means committing to hitting publish – you go public with your art.

What’s your art?

Good question.

In a perfect world, you are keenly aware of your art.



It could be that you are living like you mean it, versus living in fear, doubt, regret, worry.

Your art is what makes you come alive.

Coming alive is what slays our fear of death.

PS. Death isn’t our fear, not coming alive before we die is our fear.

PSS. Happy first day of Spring.


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The writing epiphany from The Crown of the Continent

Lake McDonald reading room
Never knew there was a reading room in Glacier National Park (Lake McDonald Lodge).


Want to be a writer?

Or is there some other dream?

The secret to getting there?



In spite of the fear it’s not good enough.

One more thing, don’t worry about becoming famous, worry about being authentic (or fascinating) enough that your Family and friends will find value.




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Stuck At Sea

Nassau The Bahamas

What if you were stuck out at sea for a couple days? And by stuck, let’s define it as a safe, functional ship, but you are not able to get home for a few days.

Our minds almost automatically go to a negative situation. This is how we learn.

The significance of how we are conditioned is profound.  We seem unaware of this reality, especially the chance to rethink and reshape our auto-response.

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