Real life in real time and seven days before Christmas

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there are moments in time that stay with us for various distances on life’s highway

It’s September 12, 2012 as this post is being written and jeff noel is heading to ground zero. Also this morning, news broke of the Libya US Embassy bombing and more death by terrorists.

As this post goes live just seven days before Christmas, where will our attitude be towards world peace? Mid Life Celebration wishes you a remarkable calm, and deep peace, that starts within.

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But Here’s Why

Intuition Was Whispering, "Delete"
Intuition Was Whispering, "Delete"

So how was getting out of bed today? Any better than two days ago?

So, sure, I deleted that email, but here’s why. Every month, that Doctor sends a few emails, and they all sound the same, “Buy my stuff”. But when do these “salespeople” show us their authenticity? When do they show us they’re real, genuine – a person you would trust like a friend?

Um, let’s see, like never.

Sure, it would be easier to unsubscribe from his emails, but hey, when you’re really busy, it’s so much quicker to hit delete.

For an unknown reason on his latest email though, I actually read a good portion and it sounded good. But.

But the realization came that he has never painted an image of who he is in real life.

There has been no real life, in real time.

Is it wrong to want this? To expect it? To consider it a non-negotiable?

Does anyone else crave authenticity, or it just me?

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