Radical self-care

Mickey Mouse always looks like ’Day One’. Nice photo bomb too.

Never get bored with the basics.

Like brushing and flossing.

Like saying please and thank you.

Like being present, mindful, and motivated.

Like taking radical care of yourself.

Radical self-care revolves around life’s five big choices:

  1. mind – we think
  2. body – we move
  3. spirit – we feel
  4. work – we contribute
  5. home – we dwell

Over-focus on the same things we used to under-focus on or ignore.

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Change easily, never change, or change for excellence?

Florida Country road
Years ago on a country road.


Freakish how something so uncool can yield something so cool.

Ever have a moment and discover you are holding the winning lottery ticket?

Drive the speed limit all day, every day.

First, you’ll have anxiety because no one drives the speed limit (and just think about that one for a minute). A few rare people drive slower than the speed limit for reasons unknown.

You never have to worry about passing someone ever again.

Feel the transformation.

But alas, you won’t be able to because of all the voices in your head telling you to hurry up. You’ll be completely embarrassed and self conscious.

But if you persevere…well then, you will discover something.

Driving the speed limit all the time makes you rich.

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