Only one gift to give?

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park (GNP).

If you gave your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm.

Bruce Barton

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Time well wasted

Running shoe shopping
A first – getting fitted for running shoes.


Analyzing runner's feet
High tech process to video tape foot while running. See the video screen?


Time well wasted.

Wasting time and not getting anything done at work, but serving with all your heart and soul to help a teenager become an adult.

Hours worth of not getting anything done at work.

When you feel like the time you “wasted” was the best part of your day.

Yeah, who doesn’t want more of that.




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Can midlife parenting become an art form?

Steve jobs quote from random office cubicle
Yep, we only get to do so many things (a mammoth one is being a parent) (photo from random office cubicle)


quote on office cubicle wall
The job of a parent, no? (from an office cubicle)


Can midlife parenting become an art form? Driving our son (13) to school yesterday, I told him the big picture is for him to look back and say:

Growing up, I was the luckiest kid on the planet.

The night before we talked about me no longer managing the how to do things, but to now facilitate his judgement and decision making skills.

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Take a bead every weekend for 18 years

they grow up fast
2/3 of the way to his 18th birthday

time flies
every Saturday, a reminder to “Take a bead”

Take a bead every weekend for 18 years. Yes. Dear Son, been taking one bead from this jar every weekend for 12 years now. Two thirds of our life under the same roof is over.

This is why balance is so important. Kids grow up fast. What’s your biggest regret looking back on how your children are no longer living with you?

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Dear Son, It Was Never Part Of Our Plan To Wait Until We Were In Our 40’s To Become Parents

Remember Son, I'd have no teddy bear if it wasn't for you.

Dear Son, what we thought was an entitlement – parenting – wasn’t. It is for most, but for a select few, not gonna happen. At least not in the usual way. The very fact that you are here is an act of Faith on our part and an act of Love on God’s.

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