Happy Mother’s Day 2019

Chapin Noel
Our Son has you as a rock.

Happy Mother’s Day 2019.

What a gift to be a parent, especially a Mom.

You are an incredible Mom.

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What about those mothers?

Mickey and Minnie advent garde art
Motherhood can be art.


Big rush on Facebook yesterday for Mother’s Day.

Does anyone else get a surreal feeling while on Facebook? Facebook is really getting weird for me. It runs hot and cold. People tend to share their very best and their very worst, with a little plain vanilla.

  • What about the women who will never be Mothers?
  • What about the women who used to be Mothers, but no longer are?
  • What about the midlifer’s who grew up without a Mother?
  • What about those with Mothers they aren’t close to?

So, for everyone who was reminded that yesterday was Mother’s Day…

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.
— Rudyard Kipling

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