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Short and pithy where art thou?

cold weather
Twenty-four hours ago, woke up to this. That’s not fair for April 10. If cold weather feels like punishment, move to a warmer place or zip it.


Short and pithy where art thou?

You either have a growth mindset or you don’t.

And if you don’t, you can.

And if you do, it’s not guaranteed for life.

Note: Growth mindset is an adult to adult interaction. Child to adult, or adult to child, is not.


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About Mid Life Celebration

What impresses baby Boomers these days is what didn’t impress them before

just yesterday, a friend told me this is what they are reading… the title is perfect timing


What used to impress me no longer does. And what never impressed me growing up, does all the time now. Weird.

Maturity? Wisdom? “Growing up”?

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