It’s Already Started

The Christmas decorations are up in many places, including the Magic Kingdom theme park. And two nights straight, we’ve listened to Christmas music.

When do you start to get in the Christmas spirit?

Of course, there are some Mid Life Celebration readers who don’t celebrate Christmas. All are welcome here.

Growing older, it seems the miracle of Christ’s birth is magnified, as we get closer to the time when we will no longer be here.

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Disney Vacation

Working Vacation At Mid Life Celebration?
Working Vacation At Mid Life Celebration?

Today is the first day of summer vacation.

What am I going to do to kick it off?

“I’m going to Disney World”.

Sitting here writing from the breezeway in Cinderella Castle.

No seriously. I’m on vacation. Sitting here in the breezeway. Yes, Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

The sun is not up yet.

I sure hope this isn’t some twisted fairy tale.