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Worse Than Cancer
Worse Than Cancer

There’s something about a daily routine that is both liberating and, at the same time, potentially stifling. How we handle this midlife paradox is one of the few choices we get to make in life – after all, it comes down to attitude.

This story will help you if you’re not committed, and it will help you if you’re already committed. I do not make these recommendations lightly.

If you lost critical components to what defines who you are, could you pick up the pieces?

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Do You Even Have A Choice?

As Basic As It Will Ever Get
As Basic As It Will Ever Get

The most basic of life’s questions, “Do you have a choice?”

We all have dreams, as grand as ending hunger, or getting a GED.

Or as simple as paying off our mortgage, retiring and watching our grandchildren grow up.

To make these grand or simple dreams come true, we must fight the good fight.

Every day.

And every day we are faced with the choice.

Keep going, or quit.

Never get bored with the basics, even in midlife.

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