Not Really, She Said

Midlife Enables Us To See Clearly
Midlife Enables Us To See Clearly

“Have you ever had a midlife crisis?”, I asked the US Airlines flight attendant yesterday as we were waiting to disembark in Orlando. We sat across from one another, face to face – me in the exit row aisle seat, her in the “jump seat”.

The middle seat next to me was empty, and in the window seat was Mark, another US Air employee. Mark and I spoke at length, and he spoke with the flight attendant across from us, but I did not. Not until that question.

With an unanticipated wisdom, she replied, “Not really. I think it’s a guy thing.”

Clarifying, I added, “I’m not talking about the stereotypical convertible sports car, younger woman thing, I mean when you journey through life and arrive at the place you worked your whole life for, and suddenly realize it’s not where you want to be?”

What she said next really surprised me, “That’s because we don’t know who we are.”