Balance (yeah right)

Ever been too tired or too busy to fulfill solemn promises?

Yellow lily type flower at Logan Pass


(photo: Logan Pass at the Continental Divide… looking up and looking down… non-stop)

Ever been too tired or too busy to fulfill solemn promises?

Has Midlife Celebration ever been too busy or too tired to write?

Been close on a time or two in the past 1,900+- days.

Right now, in Kalispel Montana is as close as it’s ever gotten.

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Dear IRS, Mid Life Celebration, LLC Will Not Quit

I, jeff noel, swear under oath, that I will not quit.

Dear IRS, thank you for believing in the spirit of America’s desire to see small business startups succeed. Most boot-strapped startups never make it to profitability. Why? Because of the tremendous challenges – money, time, energy, commitment, ingenuity.

PS. Mid Life Celebration, LLC refuses to quit. Please have faith in it’s vision and my determination.

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The Movement

You In Or What?

No need to break in, just go through the door marked ‘harvest what you’ve sown’…

You do have a harvest, right? You’ve worked hard, planted big dreams, struggled, overcome.

Now, time for living a little larger, a little more free, with more purpose and joy.

We must convince our attitude, for success. You could squander and worry. But at this point in your life, aren’t you completely over it?

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Mid-Life Value of Courage

Mid-Life Value of Courage.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”.   — Anais Nin

Courage.  Vision.  Passion.  Commitment.  Patience.  Hope.  Faith. And, ultimately, Love.

These are key mid-life crisis values.

But hey, who am I to tell anyone what to value.  It’s your choice. 

All I challenge you to do is make one. 

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂