Wish you were here, so we could talk

Disney World
we would have walked the streets of my hometown, at all hours of the day or night


Dear Dad, we both did the best we could with what we knew at the time.

This is a familiar story for many families.

What’s in front of me now is the paradox of trying to think a decade, two, or even three ahead while still living in the moment.

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PS. April 10, 2001 (it was Good Friday), seems like forever ago.

What if? I’ll never know. Most likely neither will you.

living with regret
my Dad, Jack Noel, always loved Disney World (my adulthood hometown)


What if?

I’ll never know.

Most likely neither will you.

My Dad passed away long before these questions surfaced.

Long before the desire, and courage, and determination – to question everything…

… and wonder… what if?

PS. Dad, I love you. Miss you. Wish you were here, so we could talk. And go camping. With your grandson.

Begs the question doesn’t it? Will situations like these change us?

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My Dad never did anything, was your Dad the same way?

teaching children confidence
a 400+ acre lake at our disposal… (Disney World lies due south on the horizon)


outdoor activities
many activities could happen from the Lake


Yesterday you read how I might be making one of the biggest mistakes of my life…

My Dad also had no visible love, nor skills, for the outdoors. We never went camping. (no sarcasm, resentment, intended nor implied)

So I asked myself, what if as a family we camped, learned, and challenged ourselves in the wild? What if we focused on confidence and citizenship as a Family?

Then there’s the issue of socialization that happens in larger groups. Not insurmountable…


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Ever have a serious moment where you realize you may be dead wrong?

biggest mistakes
the highest hand up is ours, he’s 12


I could be making one of the biggest mistakes of my life – and missing an incredible Family opportunity – based on traditional, long-held paradigms.

Yesterday I wondered if Boy Scouts is the best way to teach our son confidence using the outdoors and citizenship as the classroom.

Why wouldn’t it be? That’s how I, and countless others, accomplished it as young adults.

And then I asked, why?


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