My Dad never did anything, was your Dad the same way?

teaching children confidence
a 400+ acre lake at our disposal… (Disney World lies due south on the horizon)


outdoor activities
many activities could happen from the Lake


Yesterday you read how I might be making one of the biggest mistakes of my life…

My Dad also had no visible love, nor skills, for the outdoors. We never went camping. (no sarcasm, resentment, intended nor implied)

So I asked myself, what if as a family we camped, learned, and challenged ourselves in the wild? What if we focused on confidence and citizenship as a Family?

Then there’s the issue of socialization that happens in larger groups. Not insurmountable…


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  1. Jeff, I know you know how to camp and that you know my father did as well as he was our scoutmaster back in Troop 30. Ever think of those days Jeff? I do. Especially as I spend time with my family or my scout troop (Yes, I’m scoutmaster of Troop 11). Although I spent most of that time camping with my buds, my dad was still there and we would often have special memories from those events. Those memories are what I cling to most now, since next week will be 21 years since he went on to the heavenly troop. Take your young family camping and have fun and make memories. I did with my Dad, my brother, my buddies, my family (wife and kids) and my troop. God bless!

  2. Lou, what a very nice surprise to see you here. Very cool. Yes, I think about our great camping trips from Troop 30.

    Not sure if you remember, but I quit Scouts in 9th grade (I think). Not because I didn’t love it but because sports became more important.

    Here’s the thing though, those years in Cub Scouts and a few years in Boy Scouts with you set the foundation for a lifelong love of, and competence in, the great outdoors.

    How cool your legacy continues that of your Dad’s as Scoutmaster. Well done “Mighty Rocket Drummer”! 🙂

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