Merry Christmas 2019

Writing is not going to make you famous. Writing won’t make you more popular. Writing is no way to earn a living. Why write then? For how it changes you. Ninety percent of writing is half mental.

Christmas is 60 days away from this morning, and i’m present and mindful to recognize this.

It’s fascinating how daily, purposeful writing has improved my life – and how daily writing improves the lives of everyone else who consistently writes.

If you decide to give gifts to loved ones this year, perhaps the simple gift of encouragement – to journal, to blog, whatever.

Also encourage them to not use personal social media platforms.


Because people appreciate your consideration when you create a “business page” separate from personal updates. Another option is to buy a domain name and blog there. Allow others to opt in versus being stuck because they are your family or friend.

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By jeff noel

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