Insignificant dates

Disney University Cast Member trophy display
Yesterday morning, a water break at Disney University on the way to Magic Kingdom. The Pinocchio statue is awarded to Cast Members with 30 years of service.


Insignificant dates.

Living like we mean it.

Things that we don’t have time to worry about until it’s too late.

June 8, 2019 is insignificant.

Yet it’s the day i turn 60.

Back on January 1, 2009 when i officially incorporated a small, solo, entrepreneurial LLC business, i gave myself 10 years to do everything in life i wanted to do. It felt good to be six moths ahead of the “official” starting line (June 8, 2009) when i turned 50.

The first half of the vision is over – “spend five more years at Disney to reach the official retirement age (55) – and the 30 years of Disney service milestone – and then five more years to put a dent in the universe.”

There are just over 3.5 years left to do everything in life i hope to do.




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