Final Leg of Long Journey

Somewhere past the Georgia – Florida border, at 32K feet on a Delta flight, less than an hour from Orlando and home.

I was so crazy tired this morning while sitting at the Helsinki airport, it was challenging to stay awake to type, let alone think clearly.

Got a few hours sleep on the Copenhagen to Atlanta leg – a nine hour flight.  Saw icebergs for the first time ever, as well as seeing Iceland for the first time.

The point to be made below in this morning’s unfinished post:

Everyone goes through some sort of mid-life feeling. The length, depth, theme, intensity, and outcomes are unique and individual.

It was refreshing, if I can use that term loosely, to hear that my new Finnish friends knew exactly what I was talking about when I described Mid Life Celebration.

Chalk up another key learning to this week’s experiences:

“It’s a Small World After All”. — Walt Disney

PS. And the point is that mid life, if we refocus, helps us see things we know to be true, but got too busy with life to remember.  Like our health.  Like what Walt Disney said…

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