What Makes Any One Of Us Good At Anything?

Practice. Passion. And more practice. Everywhere you go, what do you do? Practice?

What drives people to practice or not? Does working for a company like Disney make those people prone to be driven?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    As I haven’t had the privilege to work for Disney, I can only say from the outside looking in that companies like Disney do help to make people more driven. But from what I know of Disney, it appears to be a two-way street. What is that two-way street?

    Disney has a standard of expectation for its employees – to constantly provide the best at whatever you do! That alone is a high standard to drive employees. But Disney doesn’t seem to be in the business of taking on mediocrity and trying to motivate those to rise to the standard. If you don’t bring that standard – your own internal drive – to the game to begin with, then you probably aren’t Disney material. After all, isn’t that what the large internship program is for – to find out if you are Disney material?

    I guess that is why I have always admired Disney. The goal is excellence, and every employee I have met through Disney knows that and exhibits that.


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