Getting old is not what throws us, it is the slow decline (to nearly zero)

Palm Beach Life 1932 magazine cover
At the other end of negativity is a category known as opulence (notice the magazine date)


Getting old is not what throws us, it is the slow decline (to nearly zero) in our investment to nourish and care for our positive attitude – against the never ending onslaught of negativity bombarding us in the news.

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  1. Jeff,

    What does that investment look like to you? Is it passive such as a positive attitude derived from devoting time to thought and decision-making, or more active such as seeking external validation (motivational seminars)?

    For me, it helps to compartmentalize my life a bit. I see the negativity in the world, but I do not bring that to my job. I have teenagers with teenage issues, but but I will not bring that to the job either. A lost deal or other professional disappointment cannot take away from enjoying my family or other life endeavors. I try to put things in their proper place and perspective relative to what I believe is truly important.

    When I was younger, trying to stay positive was an act of will. Now it is a habit.

  2. Stuart, first, welcome. Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to not only visit and read, but to join the conversation.

    Habits are good. And bad.

    That you have mastered positivity as a good habit is one of life’s biggest accomplishments. Congratulations.

    Serious. There is nothing more important than mastering life’s basics.

    Mastery. Takes a lifetime.

    Your teenage daughters are watching you, as my son watches me….

    We will either become a great example for them, or a terrible warning.

    Be well and remain amazed Stuart.

    Thanks again for you energy.

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