When busy, busy meets dial up – what can we do mentally?

Lake McDonald Lodge lobby photo
Final photo of the day – taken last night at Lake McDonald Lodge lobby


When busy, busy meets dial up – what can we do mentally?

Stay positive.

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  1. It is so good for our souls to just slow down, to unplug and just breathe. We get so caught up in the rat race and chasing that carrot and working the networks for greater awareness of our services and products…

    Though I’ve never been to Glacier, it seems like a wonderful place to just….pause…and get reacquainted with our own selves and our families.

  2. Natalie, it is a challenging world we live in. Always has been. The Internet simply amplifies it, which Baby Boomers are not used to, and which is the only way a teen knows.

    There are the big ticket time chucks for downshifting, like a week’s vacation.

    There are daily, small, seemingly insignificant, often fleeting moments of downshifting. A few minutes for a sunset here. A red light that gives us an extra undistracted minute to think (or pray)…

  3. Recently I was in the car returning from dropping off my son at school, listening to a song on the radio and thinking about our Father’s love for us.

    As I came to the red light, suddenly everything around me was washed in a glorious golden light, so profound and beautiful that I gasped. And a second later, the light turned green, traffic started moving and the vision was over.

    But for those tiny instants, I was stunned by the presence and love of our Father. Sometimes just out of nowhere, in a seemingly insignificant moment, He burst on the scene to remind us that He is still with us, always with us.

    And that He loves us.

    I just wanted to share that with you today, Jeff. God bless!

  4. Natalie, so glad you could so eloquently articulate exactly what I meant.

    These moments engulf everyone and are so abundant, yet most of the time we are immune to them – the devil works hard to accomplish that.

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