What’s missing from life

Five year old boy on beach
Are you smarter than a five-year old? Photo: Our son on Sanibel Island, 2005.

What’s missing from life?

Personally, at 60, this is the list of what was missing for 50 years. Now, this is a list of must-have’s i use to daily create peace and contentment:

  • Present
  • Mindful
  • Motivated

We come to know the true meaning of our birthday when we learn to celebrate it every day.

What does this mean?

It means most of what we do is driven by a sense of obligation – and/or the avoidance of shame – rather than deeply embedded, constant, intentional thoughts of gratitude.

Gratitude at any time, anywhere.

Every day.

All day.

Don’t send flowers on Valentine’s Day. In fact, that’s the last day i want you to send anything.

The assumption is you easily understand this riff and totally get it.

While it was weird not celebrating Easter two days ago in Church, the other 364 days of Easter celebration (yes, celebrate everyday, just like your birthday) easily compensated for the non-traditional “observation”.

We come to know the true meaning of Easter when we learn to celebrate it everyday.

Don’t go to Church on Easter. Everyone expects that. Make Church every step you take.

Never send stuff on Valentine’s Day.

Deliver hand-picked roadside flowers in an old glass container. Share i-love-you cards or notes any time and especially during ordinary time – because Valentine’s Day (a day of Love) is every day.

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