See what you want to see from this post

Ocoee High School
Yesterday morning at 9am. Low turnout is obvious. This is a mind-bender: The only people who know, know from being there to see it. We stumbled upon this relatively obscure opportunity.


pressure washing driveway
Yesterday afternoon at 3pm. Without the contrast of pressure washing, the drive didn’t appear dirty.


As a general rule, humans will not see what they don’t expect to see.

A group of radiologists examined X-rays that had a gorilla image 48x larger than the cancer cells they were looking for.

They didn’t see the “massive” gorilla under the microscope..

Why would they, gorillas are never there.

We simply don’t see things that don’t fit the pattern we’re expecting.

Same with our attitude.

See what you want to see from this post.

What may be hidden in plain sight is obvious.

You are in charge of what you see in the world.


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