Our thoughts are more real than we give them credit for


Fascinating 14-minute video…


Because it says the same thing most people already know about positive attitude, but in a different, more compelling way.

The mind doesn’t work like a camera, the mind works like a projector.

What we see isn’t real although we think it is. It’s what we think that is the real thing.

  • What we see looks like a photograph of something real.
  • What we actually think is what gets projected out to the world.

If we see an empty clear square container, but are told it will be full of spiders in a little while, and we are afraid of spiders, we become afraid of the clear empty container.

Our snapshot of the clear container now sees it full of scary spiders, even though it’s empty.

Crazy how it works.

The implications to whether we become a thriver or a survivor hinges on our thoughts.

Our thoughts do become things.

It begins with, “I’m getting older, so…”

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