Growth mindset

Walking to gym yesterday. So easy to overlook on the brick wall. A tiny cocoon. Growth mindset is easy to overlook too.
Because i was delayed in returning home, texted a quick photo pictured here to let our son know where i was and why.

Can you explain the growth mindset to anyone?

Do you know how to apply it to your daily life?

Wonderful hour-long conversation with family member yesterday while walking back from the gym, which extended to a tranquil spot on our homeowner’s dock.

Pause and reflect…

That which is most important is hidden because of its simplicity and familiarity.

As my son and i discussed a situation the family member is having now, we can clearly see the best way for two anxious people to move forward – discuss things adult to adult, with an open mind, filled with curiosity, patience, and optimism.

In the phone call i had with the family member there is literally nothing but dread, anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. Apparently with both parties.

My son and i marvel at the paradox and quietly wonder as this is typed if there are personal blind spots that others can easily see.

Also can’t help but wonder if anyone would be kind enough to point them out and help me see them.

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