Are you pretty sure how June is gonna go?

the future's so bright we gotta wear shades

I anticipate June being very challenging. Full of opportunities to feel overwhelmed – the guilt from serious, hard work can be potentially depressing. Because it is, after all, the advent of “summer vacation”.

What if we saw June as an opportunity to break the traditional rules and love our hard work so differently that by the time July rolls around, we can’t believe how much we learned and how much fun we had.

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  1. Greetings, a week late. Catching up on my reading.
    I just experienced both on the past week – Thankfulness for my opportunity and setting, Frustration of the load.
    Still, it was great to be able to see Switzerland for the past week (work trip)!
    Open the gates…

  2. Fortunately, yes!
    It was to cap off a 9-month internal marketing course. So, they organized a good mix of work and pleasure into the agenda. A tour of Zurich and some nice dinners were a part of things. But not without the final few modules of instruction as well as a long-prepared group presentation.
    I did a bit of geocaching too. One actually led me to a great lookout point to the Alps, with a nice diagram of peaks and elevations. I actually wouldn’t have found that point without having been led to it by the geocache. That hobby is so good for that!

  3. Yep. After one day! Then, every time I saw someone with a kid. Then, every time I got back to an empty room. Then…

  4. Craig, and so it goes. Glad you had a great trip and were able to do a mixture of work life balance. Any more trips this year?

  5. No more that are really planned.
    As a guy who helps with application support for my truck scales, I should probably see more actual sites and installations. So, there may be a few that I try to make, but only relatively local. Especially compared to Switzerland! 🙂

  6. Craig, I would imagine that the infrequent travel could lead to wanting more. Hope your Summer is the best (personally and professionally) ever!

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