Our attitude around living and dying determines how we…

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Paying attention to nuance and detail – unspeakable blessing or a curse?


Today will be another in an endless list of days. Yet for some, the end will arrive today. A few are expecting it. Fewer still have prepared for it. Most will be caught by surprise.

The value of a day?

Ask a person who is counting theirs.

Our attitude around living and dying determines how we live each day, and perhaps, each moment.

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  1. Somedays I ask myself, “If you die today, would that be okay?” Strange question, I know. But in answering it a few months ago with the answer NO, I was urged to reach out to my estranged sister. I can go now, anytime. Strange?

  2. Patty, this is the goal. To accept that we could be called anytime, day or night, now or in the future.

    Living with this mindset, we learn to live full of gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, love, faith, etc.

    We learn to waste not a single day.

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