Midlife Ambition

Midlife Fork In The Road?
Midlife Fork In The Road?

Isn’t that what leads us to the proverbial midlife crisis?

Ambition.  Can’t live with it.  Can’t live without it.

Or can we?  Live without it, I mean.

And maybe not live without it, but alter the course of our ambition.

I mean, alter it from selfish to selfless.

And by selfish, I don’t mean to say it’s wrong to be professionally ambitious.

And by selfless, I don’t mean we should sell all our belongs and live with just the shirt on our back.

But there is this rare opportunity, at it’s peak in mid life, that we can really get serious about where we currently are and where we ultimately want to end up.

Most likely, at midlife, these are two diametrically opposed paths.

By jeff noel

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  1. In education there are not many opportunities to move the ladder. Some people obviously move into administration, and some may move from general classes to teaching an advanced placement or honors level course. Most of us teach what we teach for 30 – 35 years. It’s hard to stay motivated. We call it burn out and I’m my peers fall into that trap. I’m fortunate to work with people who are 20 years younger the me who still have the spark and enthuiasm to keep me fired up. Without them I would be in a major rut.

  2. Carl, you hit the nail on the head. No matter what we do, there will eventually, and most likely, be repetitive challenges to our motivation – until we die.

    This is one of life’s great truths.

    This is also one of the most overlooked opportunities to show those younger than us that getting old, or having a steady career is not a “death sentence”.

    You have found enthusiasm in your younger peers.

    They may find enthusiasm in your wisdom.

    Once we realize that what motivates us is secondary to being motivated, it frees us to be motivated more often.

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