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To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. – Bertrand Russell

What have you done recently that you were afraid to do?

And what was the outcome?

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  1. Amazing — the word wisdom is front and center in my blog post today as well…
    What did I do that I was afraid to do? Changed my banjo strings. For all the time I have been taking lessons my teacher did the job for me, while we chatted.

    The outcome – I love my new strings and the sound is fantastic. I did it!

  2. Jeff,

    People talk and talk about things they “ought to do” or “plan to do,” but in the end, they oftentimes don’t do them. What an opportunity for a sense of accomplishment they are missing out on by that thinking!

    I am embarrassingly thinking, on simplistic terms, about my fence. We have lived in this house for 10 years, and I have watched the old fence slowly deteriorate. My response was, “I am going to redo that fence one day.” I would pressure wash it, but the boards have gradually warped and become weathered. Then my neighbor fixed his, and it really made mine stick out like a sore thumb. I said, “I guess now I really do have to fix it.” Amazing – it took me about one day (while dodging rain)! Why hadn’t I done that all along? What was I really waiting for? Now, every day when I stand in my driveway, I see my completed project, and a major sense of accomplishment covers me! I tell myself, “See what I was missing!”

    But like I said, that is on a small scale. What about the things of life in the big picture – are we missing out on some things?


  3. Bob, really, what you describe is the essence of vision here. Perhaps the impossible or fearful goal isn’t some big grandiose thing, it’s simply keeping up with the common sense things in life.

    Not sure how to explain it exactly, but life is about daily challenges, and not some big overwhelming monster.

    Perhaps staying physically active or mentally positive, for an entire lifetime….maybe that’s it… achieved one day, one little victory at a time.

    Congrats on the fence by the way. 🙂

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