What’s My Biggest Fear?

Almost looks like evil eyes peering over the bottom row of trees.

Biggest fear? Having to do business with someone I don’t trust.

Common sense Insight: Without trust, nothing works well.

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  1. What interests me to no end is how people feel as if they personally know famous people with whom they have never had any personal interaction. I suppose we tend to project onto others what we want them to be, and we want them to be someone who we trust and think we know. How can you possible say, “They would NEVER do that!” about a total stranger whose public imagine is the only thing about them that you “know”? It happens with singers, actors, sports figures….. and when they fall we feel shocked. And yet, we never KNEW them!
    We don’t want to be cynical and mistrustful, and yet blind trust is not wise either. I suppose we just have to find that neutral area until actions lead us elsewhere.

  2. Lorie, nice to see you here. You expose a great paradox. Thank you for that.
    For me, one thing I expect (wish for) from business people is that they are clear on their values. Anyone who’s not, has a soft foundation from which to make important decisions. Important decisions, business decisions, should be made from a strong (not perfect) foundation.

  3. So true. I’d rather have someone be totally upfront and not sugar coat. I want to know what I’m dealing with. All we have to go on is someone’s word.

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