Some People Say This Is The Most Important Weapon To Defend Against Fear

Freedom makes anything possible.

Perhaps the most important weapon to defend ourselves against fear? Motivation. Think about the times when you’ve overcome fear. How important was your motivation?

Insight: The right tool makes any job easier.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Motivation can wane if we don’t get the results we desire. Knowing our goal is noble, we must redouble our effort and might even consider a different tool.

  2. Patty, you hit on one of the most predictable and prevalent obstacles. I think we should build our plan to address that (over and over and over). Otherwise, we are doomed.

    The cure has to be a goal so compelling, no amount of setback will deter us. Take a Christian, for example….

  3. Jeff,

    Exactly! I was thinking that there are some days I don’t feel like doing something I know I have to do. Am I motivated? No, not in that scenario. But repetition into habit has to kick in to override our lack of motivation.

    For example, occasionally I wake up on Sunday morning after a long, exhausting week and say, “You know, I don’t feel like going to church this morning.” I can either give into my exhaustion (or is it a lack of motivation), or I can say to myself, “I know I need to be there. I may not feel like it now, but I know I will get a blessing once there.” And if I need further incentive, God sends in the big guns – my son will come into the room and say, “I am ready to go.”


  4. Bob, it would seem, to me anyway, that your compelling goal is starting to show the fruits of your labor…being a great Dad. Two days, two great stories from you about how your Son(s) have been positively impacted by your actions.

    Well done good and faithful servant. In all our striving, we often miss these most important of all blessings.

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