Always looking for signs of happiness in midlife?

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We are constantly looking for signs of happiness


Always looking for signs of happiness in midlife?



Because most of us are struggling to keep up with the Jones.

Not the ‘Jones’ house, yard, or car, but with the ‘Jones’ apparent happiness.

Social media can become a big smoke screen for what lies underneath.

A deep and dull feeling of average.

Average is only bad if we assign it that value.

But what if average was actually bliss?

And what if it’s not?

What if we are capable of so much more but are afraid to go for it?

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  1. Jeff,

    When I read this blog, I was reminded of the quote from Bear Bryant, who said, “It’s ain’t braggin’ if it’s true.” The problem is social media has created an environment where people can appear to be much more than they really are. Many times, in an attempt to seem more than they are (to keep up, as you said), it does become bragging. People aren’t comfortable in their own skins. There is a struggle to compare instead of being the best you that you can be.

    And with the society that we are in, it’s a struggle that presents itself to all of us. Do we choose to partake or focus on being the best us that we can be?


  2. Bob, as always, thank you for your comment.

    The best gift we can give ourselves (and a legacy for those following behind us) is to be comfortable in our own skin.

    Be well and remain amazed.

  3. It would be interesting if social media were not so sunny day. Imagine if Kay posted about her terminally ill husband’s chemo treatments rather than the many fun trips they are taking. Or if Amy instead of posting about her sons and their activities posted about her abusive husband…

    Why do people post what they do? A question I often ask myself. Social media is definitely an interesting aspect of life.

  4. Patty, wow, what a fresh perspective to an obvious reality.

    Everyone is hurting.

    Maybe social media is the new drug (potentially addicting) for masking our pain and suffering.

    Maybe it’s the new way for posting a ‘vision board’ of our hopes and dreams, a conscious effort to edit out things we wish weren’t part of our story.

    Or maybe social media is just that, a virtual meeting place to be social.

    One thing for sure, social media is an incredibly beneficial tool. Like a rifle when it replaced the bow, can be used for great good, and can be used for the opposite too.

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