What Did You Expect?

Could you last a couple days, “stuck at sea”?

Depends right? That’s the thing about life, we always say, “It depends”.

What if your situation suddenly took a twist with a hovering helicopter?

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  1. If safe, would I leave by copter? Reminds me of when we are up in Vermont. Safe, secure, warm… no phone, no internet, no TV or radio. Only a lake for fishing, a path for walking, books for reading, and games for playing.

    To steal a line from Field of Dreams: “Is this heaven?”
    My answer, “No, it’s Vermont.”

  2. Patty, you quietly reveal the truth of all life….Heaven is right here, right now.

    The setting you describe literarily clears the smoke and fog so we can “see it”.

    The clutter and noise of the daily grind is the devil making us too busy, right now, to recognize and enjoy all that we have.

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