Village Inn at Apgar

Yesterday began at 4am in the Lake McDonald Lodge lobby, using wifi to check in on the real world. During this time, there were two trips back to the cabin to make the second and third cups of hot water with honey.


Lake McDonald Lodge Lobby


Lake McDonald sunrise


Lake McDonald Lodge boat dock
Lake McDonald Lodge boat dock.


De SMET boat on Lake McDonald
On top of De SMET.


Historic plaque about De SMET boat
Climbed onto top deck.


Lake McDonald Lodge Cabins
We were six cabins from main Lodge.


Being off the grid for four days has been a shock to the system.

A good shock.

One that may soon be a thing of the past.

There are few places in America left untouched by instant communication.

The common sense lesson has been this:

Life goes on without us. And our life isn’t dependent on knowing what everyone else is doing.

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