Lake McDonald Lodge Cabin

Many Glacier Hotel Lake view room


Many Glacier Hotel Lake view room
4:15am from the parking lot.


Many Glacier Hotel Lake view room
4:15am parking lot panorama.


Many Glacier Hotel Lake view room


Many Glacier Hotel Lake view room


Many Glacier Hotel Lake view room


Many Glacier Hotel Lake view room


Many Glacier Hotel Lake view room


Many Glacier Hotel Lake view room
From my bed.


When was the last time we went to sleep anticipating a sunrise we may never get a chance to witness again?

And a crazy west facing sunrise to boot.

Yesterday’s west facing vantage point from our balcony offering something unlikely to come again.

A boy, almost 15, finding it difficult to be inspired at such an early hour.

A father, 56, trying hard to believe that the effort is worth the lack luster excitement.

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  1. Jeff,

    I am learning as I go through parenting one teenager and a soon-to-be second one that enthusiasm for things I think that are important is one of those things that, like fine wine, matures in appreciation with time. Things that I thought would be incredibly exciting sometimes barely gets their attention. But then my 17 year old I can see him transitioning to a new appreciation of things.

    Notice my first statement is “I am learning.” I am far from having reached full understanding. 🙂


  2. Hi Jeff,

    Soon after my parents got married and started their family they bought a motorhome. From about the age of 3 until I was 15 or so, we would go camping in the motorhome. Since both my parents were teachers, we had several years where they would pack everything we needed for two months and we would head-off to state parks and national parks. They would figure out a major nation park to get to at the half way point before turning towards home. In those years I visited some of our nation’s most amazing places.

    And at the time, I could barely care at all. What I knew was I was missing being able to play baseball or be with friends. I could appreciate the places, but really just wanted to be home.

    Now when I look at all of the places I was able to go because of the enormous effort my parents made, I am extremely grateful to them. It took a lot of time to fully realize how special the places were, and more importantly, the passion my parents had for traveling and sharing the places with my brother and me.

    The lackluster response you may have received last summer may truly spark a passion you, Cheryl, and Chapin may not realize until much further along in your journey.


  3. Brian, thank you for your encouraging personal story. Time takes care of many things. Time (procrastinating) can also ruin things. Without a crystal ball to know which is which, we must pick and not know until later (years, or decades even) if we picked wisely.

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