Overcome as quickly and mercilessly as possible

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The daily grind never goes away. When we stay on top of it we tend to forget how far we’ve come, how much we’ve conquered, in life. But let a few days, or even a few weeks, of slowly getting behind with our day-to-day and bam, we can feel out of control again.

When our organizational habits force us to live in an out of control world, we adapt and loose our ability to see how draining and stressful this lifestyle is.

Overcoming this, you realize that living the old way was so unhealthy.

Falling back into the old way is an amazingly clear reminder that you have accomplished something magnificent.

And any digression should be overcome as quickly and mercilessly as possible.

Note: The premise is two-fold, bad things are always going to happen and being decently on top of things allows us to tackle them as they come. It’s when we are backed up (as a lifetime habit) in handling bad things that the snowball effect overwhelmes us.




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