Give Kids The World Founder Henri Landwirth Inspires Very Sick Children With Hope

There are rare moments when an email from a long lost friend is enormously inspiring. This is one of those moments. Neal McCord, my manager at Disney World 26 years ago, has a huge role in making sure Give Kids The World runs smoothly. His insights will fill your heart with hope.

I’m compelled to share this insider glimpse with you, because it is what makes Neal’s character, and the work Give Kids The World does, so remarkable. So needed.

“I just happened be nearby when they came for Princess Alyssa (as we call her) and they asked me to accompany her so she would have someone to direct her answers and responses toward. I sat in the room as they taped her and, the next thing I knew, they said, “OK, now you”.

They then asked me to answer a few questions. I had no idea that these unrehearsed, ad-libbed responses would end up on YouTube!

Nonetheless, I think this brief video captures the essence of the Village and you may feel free to share it with anyone you choose.”

By jeff noel

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