Mid Life Curiosity

Anything You'd Like To Say?
Anything You'd Like To Say?

Ever have those routine conversations that take you to a cool place? A thought-provoking place that raises questions that aren’t often raised?

Not talking about alcohol or drug stimulated thought-provoking questions, but straight-forward, no bull, full-on, hard-core life questions.

Things like:

Am I no longer king of the hill?

Why is everything turning gray, everywhere?

Why am I so out of shape?

Do others still find me attractive?

Do I still have “it”?

Why am I no longer king of intellectual capital?

Is there any hope to turn my life around?

Mid Lifers, do you ever feel like this? Any advice to others? You’re welcome to be part of the conversation. No expectation, but plenty of opportunity.

By jeff noel

Retired Disney Institute Keynote Speaker and Prolific Blogger. Five daily, differently-themed personal blogs (about life's 5 big choices) on five interconnected sites.