Best to live with a very low degree of intentionally?

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(photo: Long term, stocks historically outperform everything else… the luck of timing increases over time)

The things we did yesterday, those we do today and tomorrow – these are the very things that affect our future options.

Same goes with the things we leave undone.

We know this.

Yet we live with a very low degree of intentionally.


Because it’s uncomfortable to be focused? To be disciplined?

For example, in two days Apple is making an announcement, probably the new iPhone reveal.

How cool is it that a product unveiling could become an amazingly exciting event? One in which many in the world become giddy.

Is anything in our life worthy of a big, highly anticipated announcement?

Anything in our life worthy of giddiness?

What if it were?

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PS. An announcement is forthcoming here. Stay tuned. No specific timeline though. It could be days. Maybe months. But no more than that.

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